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The 30PlusWoman is a blog written by Charlene, a woman in her 30s living on the outskirts of London.  She is originally from Zimbabwe and has two children.  Charlene writes about her life experiences and about the experiences of women around the world in a factual and humorous way.  Although the blog is aimed at women, men who can relate to the topics are welcome to join the community.

You may be interested in this blog if:

  • You want to keep fit and need some motivation, ideas and resources
  • You want to live a healthy lifestyle
  • You want to join a community of women who can relate to you (join our community by entering your name and email address at the bottom of any page).
  • You want to learn about women around the world and the challenges that they face
  • You like to travel

You probably won’t be interested in this blog if:

  • You don’t like women
  • You want to keep believing that women smell of roses and don’t fart

Please read the About Us page for more on the blog and the author.

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