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Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Diseases associated with physical inactivity are a huge public health problem in most countries of the world. The UK’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Moderate activity is when your breathing rate increases but you are still able to talk, … Continue reading "Benefits of Regular Physical Activity"
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10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories and Get Fit

According to a UK Government report, 1 in 4 women (25%) are classed physically inactive, doing less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every week.  Housework is not classed as moderate activity, no matter how much of it you do, and neither is sitting at a desk in pretty heels. Here are 10 Easy … Continue reading "10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories and Get Fit"
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Getting Fit – What’s Stopping You?

Someone give me a pound – in money not weight please – for every time ‘getting fit’, or ‘losing weight’ is top of a New Year’s resolution list. Someone give me another pound for every time it’s not achieved! I’d be able to save Zimbabwe’s economy after a couple of years! According to a UK … Continue reading "Getting Fit – What’s Stopping You?"
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What is Physical Fitness?

Perceptions of fitness are different from one person to the other. To most people, being fit is having a slim, toned body for women, and a Vin Diesel type body for men. The Oxford dictionary defines biological fitness as ‘…the ability to survive…in a particular environment…’, and we’ve probably all heard the saying ‘survival of … Continue reading "What is Physical Fitness?"
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