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Protected: Merry Christmas – or Not?

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Same Same but Different – Being a Woman – From Women Around the World

Have you ever heard women say of men, ‘It’s like they’re all from the same mother?!’ This phrase usually comes up when women discuss the characteristics of their men. Despite cultural differences, there are so many similarities it’s uncanny! Could the same be said of women? Despite our cultural and religious differences, women have a … Continue reading "Same Same but Different – Being a Woman – From Women Around the World"
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Blood, Sweat and Tears – Slaves and Plantations

A warm and sunny afternoon saw us visit the Smith Plantation in Roswell, an affluent area in Georgia. The Smiths, one of Roswell’s founding families, lived in this home for three generations before opening it up to the public as a museum. Standing before us and surrounded by some acres of land, was a huge … Continue reading "Blood, Sweat and Tears – Slaves and Plantations"
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Finding Love After 30 – Follow the Signs

30 is only 10 years from 20, yet so much happens in 10 years! For some, the 10 years involved marriage and babies, for others marriage, babies and divorce, and then there are others who’ve just behaved as if they were 20 for the past 10 years. There are a few reasons that women could … Continue reading "Finding Love After 30 – Follow the Signs"
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10 Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview as a Returning-to-Work-Mum

Interviews can be daunting, especially when you’re returning to work after a few years of being a full-time mom. Your confidence may be low, and you may not even remember what it was you did at work. Here are 10 ways to prepare for a job interview as a returning to work mom. 1. Know … Continue reading "10 Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview as a Returning-to-Work-Mum"
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15 Things Women Should Not Say at an Interview

In the UK, although discrimination is illegal against any job applicant based on age, sex, race or religion (not sure how a that would work with a Muslim applying to be Arch Bishop), one would be foolish to believe that this doesn’t happen. Of-course there won’t be any proof of this until mind readers are … Continue reading "15 Things Women Should Not Say at an Interview"
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Women – Are we Victims or Fools?

Are women set impossible targets to be “…great at their job, have fabulous hair, a sexy husband, perfect nails, be an amazing mother and look thin and hot at all times”. Are women really forced to increase the size of their breasts or butts, or inject chemicals into their faces and lips? Why are women doing this? Who are women doing this for? Are women victims or fools?
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5 Myths About Fraud

How could they fall for it?! You ask yourself, until it happens to you. Some of these frauds are not so obvious. I received an email once from one of my cousin’s email accounts. It said that she’d been mugged in Malaysia and lost all her personal items. My cousin was indeed in Malaysia and this sounded awful, so I read on...
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A Letter to Viagogo – The Daylight Robbers

Viagogo is an online ticket-selling company that has no morals, no ethical practices, no accountability, and of course no customer service.  Viagogo promotes touts and constantly robs people by allowing the sale of over-priced, and fake tickets.  This is a letter I wrote to the company, and 5 months later have not had a response to...
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Fraud – When it sounds TOO GOOD to be true, it probably is.

How can anyone fall for a scam? It won’t happen to me! These words are echoed by many of us, until we become victims. The next line is usually ‘How could I have been so stupid?!’ Your legs feel like jelly, you feel sick – almost to the point of throwing up - and you feel stupid. With fraudulent scams on the increase, it’s important to be aware of these scams and to protect ourselves from them as far as possible.
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Wedding Photos You’ll Never See in an Album

I will be doing a series on weddings and marriage in the not too distant future, but after looking at some photos of my cousin’s recent wedding, I thought I’d show you some photos you wouldn’t normally see in a wedding album. 1. Walking Down the Aisle On my own this time! The first time … Continue reading "Wedding Photos You’ll Never See in an Album"
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Loneliness – No Woman is an Island

What is loneliness? “A feeling of being on your own, even when there is someone right next to you” – the30pluswoman Being Lonely Being alone is one thing. Sometimes it is nice to just be on your own and enjoy your own company. I think most moms appreciate a few minutes of just being alone! … Continue reading "Loneliness – No Woman is an Island"
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Granny Green – For President!

What better way to kick off the series of Celebrated Women than to begin by celebrating the powerful, faithful, humble, honourable and inspirational woman I am privileged to call my gogo, and when better than on her official 100th birthday! I think my gogo may actually be the only Zimbabwean older than the president!  And … Continue reading "Granny Green – For President!"
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15 Things No One Tells You About BREASTFEEDING

Breastfeeding is such a natural and wonderful thing, with physical and psychological benefits for both mother and child. I find it incredible how the female body has been created to grow and nourish a baby from just a seed in the mother’s womb, to a beautiful baby outside of the womb. Breastmilk provides all the … Continue reading "15 Things No One Tells You About BREASTFEEDING"
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15 Things No One Tells You About HAVING A BABY

For most women, an overwhelming feeling of love comes over you the moment you see your baby. You love this precious little person who has been growing inside you the past 9 months, with an intense and immense love, and suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) all the pain of giving birth has been worthwhile! … Continue reading "15 Things No One Tells You About HAVING A BABY"
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15 Things No One Tells You About GIVING BIRTH

  I think every woman has heard that giving birth is painful.  This is a complete understatement.  Giving birth is $%%%$$%!!! (insert your preferred swear word here) painful!  But as my intention is not to scare you, I’ll say no more about the excruciating pain and list some things that you may not have heard … Continue reading "15 Things No One Tells You About GIVING BIRTH"
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15 Things No One Tells You About PREGNANCY

I was really scared of ever falling pregnant, for the sole reason that I feared I would pop.  Like a balloon.  My mom had told me that no-one had ever popped before, but I was convinced that I’d be the first.  I’m pleased (and very relieved) to say that I had 2 pregnancies and didn’t … Continue reading "15 Things No One Tells You About PREGNANCY"
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